Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here Is New York

The week continued here in Chicago just as it did five years ago, the day of the attacks passed and images become blurred again, a photo album being pressed into murky waters. "September 11th happened." As if a calendar date could "happen." This seems like a phrase that George Carlin would have drawn upon; the younger generation would liken the following riff to something Jerry Seinfeld would have come up with, but Seinfeld pretty much followed with the every day observations Carlin started, just as Bob Newhart and Steve Allen opined on the 1950s. Over the last week, going back five years ago, every day in my AOL mailbox carried a letter from Rebecca Maines, and these five letters can be read if you visit her web blog Re: Maines and read her own Five Years Later entry. Becky reminded me of exactly how powerful the written word can be. There are times I forget myself. The photos came after. The HERE IS NEW YORK exhibit came to Chicago sometime before the end of the month. Individual still photographs were for sale, with hundreds on display, many clipped from wires as if it was a gigantic but well-lit darkroom. Outside on Lake and Wabash, buses, the elevated trains hitting the noisiest turn in the city, conversations, curses, cell phones chirping. Inside the revolving doors, I might have well been inside the Great Pyramid.


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