Monday, September 04, 2006

Busha's Farm

A year ago, I was in Shelbyville visiting my family, and my cousin Danny and I went down Flat Rock Road to my grandmother's farm. Grace Melone--Busha is grandmother in Polish--passed away in 1992 and within days of our visit the building was razed. I did retreive a brick from the chimney, not really caring if half the house caved in on me. This room looked almost like the photo but for the phonograph on the floor, which had fallen off the chair pillow when I stepped through the doorway. I wondered how many days it had sat on its side, waiting to fall. This room belonged to Marvin, my step-grandfather's brother. When Marvin passed away, Danny's sister Denise saved me his glasses, wallet, and Bible. Each item is on my dresser, stacked neatly in a pile a short distance from my mug of flags. I do not know the story behind why his door--leading to an outer porch and past that the water pump--was painted lavender, but there it is. Well, there it was. Wayne


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