Monday, July 03, 2006

Garland Court

Agent Herb, ever at his post up north, questioned if my odd city photos should be collected in a book. Perhaps if the city kept tearing itself down and rebuilding, I could come up with a decent angle. This here photo is of the alley just south of the Chicago Theater, and I am facing west, towards the lake. I wish the tent was not there, but it does have a doorway, which makes it less maddening to me. Behind the tent is the Garland Building, where a young John Wayne Gacy cruised for pickups in his pre-serial killer with a crawlspace days. This was in a basement, no-tell bar. Beyond that is the Amoco Building and after that you'll end up near St. Joe, Michigan. History lesson this time, Herb. Give the Col. my best, and the same to your lovely wife. Wayne


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