Monday, July 31, 2006

Goodnight, Saigon

I had never heard this song by Billy Joel before, but two lines still stay in my memory from when I heard it this morning up in Wonder Lake. We came in spastic like tameless horses, we left in plastic as numbered corpses. I do not save photos of dead soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. When I was in college, before the full realizations of my cerebral palsy became clear, I had envisioned myself as a foreign war correspondent. Writing and dying in Lebanon. And the world continued to revolve....Wayne

Friday, July 28, 2006

I Didn't Name the Place...

and besides, the tavern at 17th and Pulaski is gone now. Gotta love the 4 Hour Nap slogan at the Miami, which I pass on the way to work every day. The Darlington is in Uptown and one would think it's a safe place, considering the exterior...Wayne

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Grab & Gulp

Not exactly sure why this photo turned out so tiny, I was sitting right next to the guy when he was digging through the garbage. Again, I believe this was a Homeland Security employee, and in the second photo, he is reporting his findings via plastic cup from Subway...Wayne

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Myron Noodleman

There is a long story involving having to delete my previous post, something to do with the Homeland Security Act. Good thing we have people like Mr. Noodleman patting down patrons at the Kane County Cougar minor league ball games...Wayne

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back in 1980 Again...

Well, the top photo proves that Dan has not aged a bit since the last web log entry was posted, and the second photo shows the kind of cheap fun using one of those Kodak Disk cameras (remember those?). That's me holding up the album cover. If only I had hair like that...Christ knows I have the gaunt, zombie face to go with it. More soon. Wayne

Monday, July 24, 2006

Be Careful What You Ask For...

My oldest chum, Danbo from CDW, sent me an email about my not having added a new post in a week. Nothing new has occurred in my life, there have been no horrendous Chicago anniversaries, so I found the perfect photo of Dan and I circa 1980. Hard to see in the photo, but Dan is drinking M*A*S*H beer and I have a Bikini Cola (maybe in our drunkenness, I was chosen to be the designated driver even though everybody was gathered in my own house back on 85th & Pulaski). Dan still looks pretty much the same, hasn't aged at all. In 1980 I was either mistaken for Bernard Goetz, the NYC Subway Shooter, or if I was clean-shaven, Michael Berryman, the killer in the original version of THE HILLS HAVE EYES. What I would give to be able to go through life looking like Ernest Borgnine or Morey Amsterdam...everyone enjoy your week. Wayne

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Things To Read in Denver

Ed Bryant told me late that December night, after all the copies of FOR YOU, THE LIVING were signed and more than a few were sold, that Speck had died. For decades, just that one quick syllable, an errant sound effect, meant memories to Chicago. TessLass ran me around various parts of Capitol Hill in her powder blue VW so that I could find a copy of the Post or the Rocky Mountain News. It was very strange to read the obituary with the word Illinois in it, making it seem like I was much farther away than I was, and somehow more time had passed. I can't put it into simpler terms. Seeing that headline made me more aware than at any other time, before or since, that I was not in Chicago. I'm always here, this is what purgatory is. Things to read in Denver when you're dead...Wayne

40 Years Ago

This was the guy who started everybody locking their doors in Chicago. Shown is the original police bulletin that my father gave me a copy of years later, the townhouse near Luella Park where the nurses were murdered, and the cover of the Boneyard Press book I wrote that was published in 1992. The next post will kind of bookend this one...Wayne

Friday, July 14, 2006

Sleepy Time

How I feel after three days of working 12 hour shifts at the printing plant. With two more weeks to go. I read a lot and watch the copier make 36,000 copies. I'll buy a laptop with the overtime dough, but for now I can hardly think past the title of the book above my text. Wayne

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

,,,And Tallow

The things you come across when you turn the corner in downtown Chicago...Wayne

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Abandon Ye All Hope

Well, I was evidently trespassing, and sadly, people drown in this sludge the same way they do by crawling through holes in fences and jumping into park swimming areas unsupervised after hours. I honestly don't know why anyone would want to be hunting rabid raccons, which I have been told come by the back of the building to sniff at the discarded Marlboro and Camel butts (now that sounds wrong). 4th on the list of no-nos, I'll leave that to my pundit pals. Wayne

Cal Sag Road

On the other side of the bridge is Cal Sag Road, at about the point of this sign, you can start smelling about three different kinds of bachelor ass on a rainy day. Never went over the bridge, so I can't tell you if there are any Bed & Breakfast places run by dolphin-shaped hosts & hostesses. The top photo is the shoreline far below. You got a line, I got a pole, we'll go fishin' at the Cal Sag hole...Wayne

Cal Sag Channel

In keeping with the past post, I finally got a chance to get up to that bridge and the evil waters that lurk beneath. Just one of the south suburbs many tourist attractions...Wayne

Tess Lass To The Rescue

If I do this right, here is a link to that crazy post Mike Fountain put on his web blog about my new job. Fingers crossed I don't activate Skynet & The Terminator program as I do this... I'm sure someone will tell me if Doomsday is nigh. Wayne

Friday, July 07, 2006

Moon and Sun at the North Pole

I can't add anything here that could be remotely meaningful. Wayne

Sid Is Alive!

If you see my chart regarding voting for your favorite actor, Sidney Williams is now beating out Aunt Esther by a comfortable margin. There is a movie out on VHS that is VERY scarce, called JAMES BLOND, and the above photos are from deleted scenes from said film. Sid is also a great writer, as well as fictional street hustler Willy Sid (along with his girlfriend Lisa Sestina) in my Chicago stories. There is a link to his website on my web blog. His novels include NIGHT BROTHERS and AZRAEL, he has young adult novels, including DEADLY DELIVERY, under the name Michael August, and wrote the acclaimed comic series THE MANTUS FILES. Think if the part of James Rockford was played by Max Von Sydow...seeya. Wayne

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ain't That America?

One of my favorite John Mellencamp lines, from "Pink Houses." The first photo is painted on the side of the Canal Street Self-Storage, and its not centered because I snapped it from a speeding el, the second photo is from the Faces display in Union Station, and the last photo is of a mangled squad car on 9/11. I am aware that the 343 firefighters who died that day were more heroic in their efforts, but as the son of a cop, I'm still mildly angry at the fact that so little mention was made of the 108 police officers who also died. My father was ten feet away from the fuselage of the American Airlines flight that missed Midway Airport by seven blocks in December of 1972. Ten feet away, watching people melt as the main engines blew up. He fought to help survivors out, part of the plane had landed on a garage. He still has frostbite in one foot from standing in frozen sludge for hours. Never filed for disability, because that's not what James Leland Sallee would do. Our house smelled like smoke and blood for days. The bombing of the Murrah Building in 1995 did not make me recall the Midway crash as 9/11 did, I guess because it was planes hitting the WTC that brought it all back. And a lot of cops died that day. Firefighters, too. Doing what needs to be done. Well, we made it to our 230th birthday. Cheers. ...Wayne

Long May She Wave

Everybody reading this have a safe holiday. I hope I don't see Travesty McGee or Marty Mundt on FOX News Live...and, yea, that's part of my house on the right. The left side is the creepy old late widow Debo's foreclosed house. Wayne

Fullerton Avenue Bleed Out

I went to the Red Lion tonight to see Mike Fountain and also read at open mike; I'll be changing shifts at my job and it will be a long time before I am up north during the week again. It was hot enough to get my head rolling inside out; that X-Ray shows how messed up my head got when I was hit by the car in '89. All I can do is let it bleed out, as in this photo from 2004. (Wednesday I am getting anti-inflammatory injections in my neck and back, and my entire upper body sort of loosens up in a way I cannot truly explain). I barely drank one Stella Artois, but stopped because my words were slurring from the roaring in my ears. I am tired and sad and lonely because I shared the el trains with females who were at the fireworks show after Taste of Chicago. I again wonder why God wants me to stick around. Surely not to yank out the old Scarlet Sponge photo album...Wayne

Monday, July 03, 2006

Garland Court

Agent Herb, ever at his post up north, questioned if my odd city photos should be collected in a book. Perhaps if the city kept tearing itself down and rebuilding, I could come up with a decent angle. This here photo is of the alley just south of the Chicago Theater, and I am facing west, towards the lake. I wish the tent was not there, but it does have a doorway, which makes it less maddening to me. Behind the tent is the Garland Building, where a young John Wayne Gacy cruised for pickups in his pre-serial killer with a crawlspace days. This was in a basement, no-tell bar. Beyond that is the Amoco Building and after that you'll end up near St. Joe, Michigan. History lesson this time, Herb. Give the Col. my best, and the same to your lovely wife. Wayne

No Four Day Weekend For Me

So I'll simply post my abstract thoughts. The red building--the CNA Plaza--is the 4th, my day off. The rubble in front of it is what I have to climb over starting in about 5 hours to get there. The el train in the background is a nice touch, don't you think? ...Wayne

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get Rythym

A few people emailed me today about my previous entry regarding typing to music. My usual one-liner is that, since part of my right hip is grafted into my left forearm, I can get to typing pretty quick to some old rockabilly or decent Cash or Elvis. I laugh about that until I actually rub the area under the keloid scar where the hip bone is like a hidden or misplaced bolt. But, where I never did get a blog entry up regarding the things I wanted to buy with my first decent paychecks in 16 months, I'll add that I did get out to Best Buy and picked up Cash's LOVE GOD MURDER, the first three CDs from his Americana series. THE MAN COMES AROUND, pictured left, is the fourth CD I have worn out if there is a way to wear out a CD, but I really want the fifth and last of the series, which includes the songs recorded in his last days here. I only can type to the murder songs, many are ballads, and it puts me in a good mindset. I am so familiar with the songs, they are more soothing than distracting. What that says of me, well, I think Mr. Cash might have understood. ...Wayne

Friday Night Brain Innards

I should be out enjoying myself, its in the 70s and I have some decent cabbage from my OT at work this week. Instead, I'm at my typewriter, working on projects while keeping Johnny Cash's "Cocaine Blues" on repeat on my CD player just because I can type faster with the rhythm..and the inside of my brain has different thought patterns with intersecting lines and odd walls. The two people are probably my id and superego, ya got me...Wayne