Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fiends By Torchlight...Twice

My thanks to Greg Loudon for his work on this. The cover that will be used will be painted and the collection should be out in time for the August period of late summer ennui. Greg's stuff is at, and Annihilation Press, run by Roger Dale Trexler in a small room more hideously cluttered than mine, is at I'm scaring myself. Wayne

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It Was Della and The Dealer...

and a dog named Jake, and a cat named Kalamazoo. Well, Mike Fountain teaches some oddball class in that Michigan town, and he has nothing to do with the Hoyt Axton lyrics quoted here. You can go to his website at and see how he bastardized my last blog entry into a scene from North By Northwest. You'd think he'd have least picked a Mitchum flick. This is Mike above, back in the days when he was posing for postcard sketches naked from the waist down. Or so I've heard. ...Wayne

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dr. Richard Kimble, Fugitive

I might as well be on the run seeing as how I've been out of contact with just about everybody for the past three and a half weeks. I've mentioned the new job at the printshop out in Alsip, and how humorous it might seem that I am the only passenger the bus driver leaves off at the I-94 interchange, as if I was hastily avoiding a roadblock further up near the Cal-Sag Bridge. The top photo shows how I then descend to the street below and walk towards my job at a dead end street in an industrial park. But after 15 months of being unemployed, I'll take all the overtime offered, and so I have just completed my third straight week of working 55 hours. Any free time at home has been mostly on writing projects or blowing paper dust from my nose and ears. The computer I work operates a Xerox Nuvera that prints 6,600 pages a minute. 15 months of looking for work I am qualified for and then I get a job I have never been qualified for, yet seem to be pulling it off. Like Dr. Kimble becoming a fugitive, and staying one step of Lt. Gerard for four years. (Of course, I am the one-armed man, too, as I type with only two fingers.) But here I am, checking in. Still around, a few bills current, and the cars driving along I-94 towards Indiana still scratch their heads at the guy with the satchel and jacket, most drivers not know there is a bus stop sign there. ...Wayne

Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's Not Just For Fathers

I am Ashley's godfather. Some of my coolest memories of the last 13 3/4 years have involved hanging out with her. Seeing her get a story, "The Moon Wolf," published in DARK OFFSPRING back in 2001. Hearing her play the first song she learned on her electric guitar, the theme from HALLOWEEN. Stuff like that I'll remember until the Alzheimer's kicks in. Happy Father's Day, all you guys you have this day named for you! Wayne

Caveman Looked Like Elvis

Well, I guess this proves it.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back When I Was With The Elvis Band...

NOT! But it still got your attention. Going back to our man in Madison, once upon a time we were on a bus going to the end of nowhere on a dead-end street and we saw this guy thoroughly involved in this book here. After I took his photo, he started crying out something about "52 is coming!" There's an in-joke and a punchline there, depending on who is reading this post. Wayne

From Chicago to Madison via Cape Fear

The big man in Madison, the dinosaur hunter, said I wasn't posting enough good girl art. I pretty much only have whacked out girl art. So here you go, chief, and everybody else, too. No need to thank me...Max Cady

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Raccoon Kids

I am sorry. I am just having a ball working 56 hours a week, washing my jeans and socks, and posting these goofy covers...Wayne

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lights, Camera...

Can't use the word Action because, after all, that's actually one of the Superman titles. But I can't just single out 'ol Big Blue out on these funnybook stories that we should all write home about. Holy Bestiality, Batman!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I Got Nothin'

Anyone want to help me out here?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brokeback Metropolis

OK, OK, enough with spooky buildings. Let's just show some funny book covers for awhile...sadly, I owned this comic once. For those who don't buy comics, Action is almost at issue #850 and the current comic book price is about $2.99.

Sid's Zoe Building

Sid Williams has been working on a novel called ZOE'S MISSING, and we actually got into a whole Waverly Hills discussion back when he was first working on several climactic chapters. He found a cool building someplace in the Dallas area. In a way, it kinda reminds me of Cook County Hospital, only with better upkeep.

The Old Wabash Castle

Yesterday, Greg Loudon came by to do the photo shoot for the cover of my Annihilation Press collection FIENDS BY TORCHLIGHT. I truly wish these ruins were still at Wabash and Cullerton and we could have taken some shots there. This building had been a brewery, and the cornerstones and a partial wall was still standing until the late 1980s. It is now a parking lot for one of the newer buildings that have cropped up here, the street between State & Michigan, and a bit further north, the el runs above it. Thankfully, the new building isn't a condo, but an architecture firm. In the color photo, at the intersection on the right side, was the seediest currency exchange I have ever seen.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Excedrin Lights Out

I haven't posted all week because I put in a 56 hour week at the print shop, enjoying the heck out of it, but leaving me with little blogging time. Writing comes first, reruns of DANCING WITH THE STARS second, then and only then can I blog. But after 15 months of no work to 56 hours away from the computer--24 hours in two days at one point--I started feeling like I might hunt this new product out with my first paycheck. (It's not real, all you guys who take me seriously); it's from which I am lucky enough to get free from newsstands here in Chicago. Love to hold pages in my hands, not just stare at a computer screen. Mostly because I am still on dial-up and could probably play 8-tracks on my D drive if I really tried. Tom Jones Live, anyone? Which brings us back to the photo above, ha ha. Wayne

Monday, June 05, 2006

Waverly Hills, Sci-Fi & Sid Is Alive!

Willy Sid (or Sid Tyler, when he is playing East Texas playboy) gave me the dilly-o on a spook special on Sci-Fi about my favorite Kentucky haunting ground. (Pay close attention to that blob on the bottom of the photo, which was taken in March of 1992.) If I get the link right it is http://www.scifi/spooked You've seen other shots of this place a few posts back. Its up on a bluff where you might see "them Draculs and Am'tyville thangs." But you can also see the words SID IS ALIVE in red at the base of the sanitorium. Check out for the origin. And the man comes around. Seeya, Wayne

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I Am Working Again

Thanks to my really neat & cool friend, Joe Curtin, author of DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON and the upcoming MONSTERMAN (which I honestly believe is the best werewolf novel since James Blish's novel(la) THERE SHALL BE NO DARKNESS, written back in 1954. I'll be working at In-Print Graphics and I'll have the shortest commute to work in my life, 40 blocks south on Cicero. No more getting off the Metra train and having to walk around some gated community, if you recall my rant about my inventory job. I did take a photo of that place from the train but was too broke to get the photos developed until recently. This craphole here is called Turnburry Estates. If I get my hand caught in the printing press or somesuch melodrama, I'll have my camera ready as I continue to chronicle my waning first fifty years on this planet.