Tuesday, May 02, 2006

With Open Eyes

Just a short note tonight. I have a half-mile walk from the bus stop and it started raining about twelve blocks before the end of the line aka Cicero Avenue & 87th Street. But I love rain now. I had Lasik surgery on my eyes three summers ago, so I threw away those old Larry King glasses but kept the wire frame ones for nostalgia, plus if I ever want to feel like I've taken a hallucinogenic, I can put them on over my corrected vision. Because of my cerebral palsy, my vision had been 30/4000. No typo there, friends. That said, I can look up and watch the rain hit my open eyes, I can follow the rain upward to a vanishing point. To me, being able to do this (after having worn glasses since I was five), it must be what having sex is like (I'm still working on that one) or holding a baby or helping someone cross the street or help an older person read small print. I end up with a smile, not a crazy Joker smile (or even a Lex Luthor smile), just a pleasant relaxed smile and I realize that the rain is hitting my lips and teeth as well as my eyes. The things that can be taken for granted, I tell you. Drying off, I bid you good night. Wayne


Blogger Hypatia said...

Great pic.

I've been thinking about vision since we have yet to have even an estimate of Jasmine's visual abilities. I had no idea yours was so crappy, for what it's worth, the fact that I had no idea it was that bad gives me a fair amount of hope.

See I comment... I just need a little prompting.

Sunday, May 07, 2006 12:20:00 AM  

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