Sunday, April 23, 2006

Only The Dead Know Graceland

If anyone read Chris Turek's comment, he is referring to actual incidents with the Elvis band I did indeed work for from 1979 until 1981, when our star got arrested while stealing VCRs to support his coke habit. Hypothetically, I may have been a part of a group of roadies who, along with the band, had been drinking at the old Prime & Tender on 63rd & Harlem, then went to Brandy's Restaurant at 63rd & Cicero knowing that between eight of us we had about three dollars combined. Everyone ordered steak & eggs, then ran like hell down gangways of the houses around Midway. If I had been a part of that, if it didn't happen on a parallel Earth, I'd say it was the closest I'd felt to being a street thug in a leather jacket bought on Maxwell Street. Maybe my penance has been made, because I gave the ultimate sacrifice in the summer of 1980 while we played Cesar Dovalina's La Margarita's in Bolingbrook nightly for three weeks. I was working the spotlight, standing on two chairs, it was near the close with Brad singing "Can't Help Falling In Love." I'm following him back and forth across the stage, stepping from chair to chair, but at one point, a busboy took one of the chairs to plop his fat @$$ onto as he smoked. I stepped into thin air, I knocked the top part of the light off and recovered by grabbing over the top with my right arm, to keep as much light hitting the stage as possible, only my shirt was this fake silk, polyester, shimmery salmon deal with cuffs halfway up my forearms, and the shirt lit up in seconds. I slapped the flame out against the wall behind me and the drummer just played louder so no one could hear me swearing, the cuff fell away from the sleeve and after the show ended a cute waitress rubbed what I swear was the owner's Preparation H on the burn, but I was never certain. The long gone pink mark reminded me of the damn shirt's color, which really should have been worn by either England Dan or John Ford Coley, not me. There are other tales I have that begin "Back when I was with the Elvis band...", but these are the two Chris brought up. I wish there was a way he could link this to the Second City Cop blog, so that all the coppers might know that Rick Saucedo is playing a benefit at the precinct house at Augusta & Wood this coming Saturday. Cop rock. By the way, the title is a goof on Thomas Wolfe's "Only The Dead Know Brooklyn," and I used the title for an article I eventually sold to Jasmine Sailing's Cyber-Psychos A.O.D. in Denver. I realize that this entry is long, but please consider the subject matter. Wayne has left the blogspot, thank you and goodnight.


Blogger Chris said...

If you keep using my last name, chief, they'll track me down up here on thunder road.

Monday, April 24, 2006 10:38:00 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

You said Brandy's on 63rd and Cicero, don't you mean Archer and Cicero? Or were you thinking of the Sky View or Sky Lark or whatever that place was called. It's the one they tore down to build that pizza place across from the White Castle.

Anyway, I love the Elvis band stories. There have been countless times when Chris and I have been hanging out with Wayne and he'd start some crazy story with the phrase, "Back when I was working with the Elvis band..." That was a signifier that we were about to hear some really nutty shit.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 8:03:00 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

63rd and Cicero was "The Midway"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 9:05:00 PM  

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