Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back To The Farm

My cousin Danny sent some very eerie photos, I have a set in color from a different POV, of my grandmother's farm before it was torn down, the shots were taken last Labor Day, when Katrina had already demolished New Orleans. This porch was where Mamaw, my great-grandmother Amanda, would sit in her rocking chair. She passed away in October of 1972 and on the late night drive to Louisville, trying to unsuccessfully beat the reaper as others witnessed her last breath, WJJD kept playing Elvis singing "Burning Love," which was released that day. I'm stuck with memories of that song, bright headlights in a dark as sin night on the interstate, nothing but truckers for company and my face reflected in the rear window amidst a hundred stars in a not-yet polluted sky. The things that stick with you, I tell you. Wayne


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