Friday, March 17, 2006

Miami Bowl

This is the post I lost. The other day on the El someone mentioned that there was a big pile of mud at Archer & Pulaski. Just over a year ago, Marzano's (Miami) Bowl was torn down. Chris Turek lived near there and told me I could find some cool swag like bowling pins. I searched a bit, then pushed aside a flattened door and found an entrance to the basement. I jumped down and cracked my right knee so hard it echoed. I thought great: 1/no one knows that I am even here and 2/what if there were zombies in the darkness past the overturned file cabinets? I came up with three pins and a b&w photo of some 15 polyester posing double-chin wonders that was taken in April of 1977. I now have it hanging on my wall between Catherine Keener and Daredevil. I eventually found my way out, and was able to take a few photos. For a welcome change, no one representing the Homeland Security Act stopped me from photographing near the El or anywhere there was an American flag or a Mr. Submarine.


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