Monday, March 20, 2006

Long Thoughts

As a kid, that was the phrase used for the guy with the longest walk home. After everybody else split, one by one, the guy left walking, even if it was just half a block and down an alley, he was the one that had the long thoughts. No one else to talk to. One by one, a small bunch left the Red Lion, and it was just Marty Mundt and I with the wind blowing towards the lake. Across the street, the Biograph was lit up inside; it was gutted, but the exterior was a landmark. Marty mentioned needing to get up for work at 5:30 and I said that the train/bus ride would take me about 90 minutes. Marty commented on how I'd spent hundreds of hours on the el, and it is true, there are many times when I wish I could hop in a car and drive, someplace, anyplace. But that is not to be in my current incarnation. So while Marty had to concentrate on traffic and turn signals, I occasionally looked up from the book I was reading and looked out at my reflection in the blackness, and had my long thoughts. Good night. Wayne


Blogger Larry Santoro said...

D'oh! Now you've done it!

Wayne mentioned this 'long thoughts' notion to me the other night -- was it during "A History of Violence" or something else? -- but it tweaked something in me and I'm using it as the in-point on one of the Bluffton wrap-up pieces.

By the way, that's the Belmont stop, isn't it?

Thanks Wayne!


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