Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well, TessLass has been on my @$$ to post something already, and I had told her I needed the time to post the RIGHT thing as a first post. I had intended to write not my thoughts, but rather, random muttering of the whack job natives on the el train or wandering the Loop. Sadly, the first three meltdowns spoke in homicidal terms, so I can't really start with a post like that. So I guess it all comes back to MY random mutterings. Fine. There is one thing I can write about that has been on my mind. If I became a zombie, what would my likely wardrobe be? Jeans and black Doc Marten-ripoffs from Payless Shoe Source, that's a given, plus my black leather jacket. But would I be wearing my Daredevil t-shirt, or my Nightshade Books posse shirt, with Jeremy Lassen in shades staring up at me for all time (granted there is no caked blood on his visage)? Ideally, I'd like it to be my beige shirt that reads BOHICA in black letters. It is a military term for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. A gift from my chiropractor, twisted man that he is. I have a black shirt that says CORONER, but if I have that jacket on, everyone thinks my name is Ron. Go figure. I am just hoping that, when its zombie day, I'm not caught wearing my Elvis jumpsuit because the damn things itches. And there you have it, my first post ever. Ever. Until next time, remember, not many people really asked for this time. Wayne